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Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Invite you to Share your Views

Terry Glecoff, Outreach Officer, Health Council of Canada

If you’d like to know more about chronic disease management, or better understand the much talked-about issues of generic drug pricing and access in Canada, we hope our latest two releases help inform and guide you in the conversations you’re sure to have with others.

Once you’ve had a look, come back to the discussion board, share your own comments, and see what others have to say. They may agree with you, they may not. You may win them over; they may change your mind. You WILL learn more about the issues than you knew before.

Chronic Disease Management. It’s safe to say that many Canadians want a solid, trusting, knowledgeable relationship with the medical professional who helps manage their chronic health condition(s). Just how important IS that relationship to the quality of your health care? You’ll find answers in our bulletin, Beyond the Basics: The Importance of Patient-Provider Interactions in Chronic Illness CareHealth Council of Canada Chair, Dr. Jeanne Besner, has just summarized the details on the My Better Medicare website. We invite you to read Dr. Besner’s guest blog and our bulletin, then tell us what YOU think on the discussion board.

Generic Drugs. How many prescription drugs do you and your family take? Generic drugs are supposed to be a cheaper alternative to brand name drugs, yet Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the world for our generic drugs. Why is that? Can prices be brought down? There are potential solutions. Browse our commissioned paper, Generic Drug Pricing and Access in Canada: What are the Implications? After you’ve considered the recommendations, come to our discussion space and tell us if you think they’d work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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