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Monday, July 4, 2011

Ontario Women’s Health Framework

Last week, Echo released the province’s first Ontario Women’s Health Framework. The framework provides steps to improve the way the province addresses women’s health, as men and women experience health in different ways.

Echo asked more than 300 women and stakeholders to provide input to shape the framework, giving a voice to a diverse group of women from across the country.

Download the framework
Of particular interest is the information about Aboriginal women’s specific health needs. Nearly half (48%) of Aboriginal women reported having two or more chronic conditions, and one quarter (24%) reported having unmet health care needs.

The framework highlights the need to develop policies to meet specific needs of Aboriginal women, as well as culturally appropriate services and programs.

Earlier this year, we held a series of regional meetings across Canada to learn about promising programs and strategies that are improving the health of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis expectant mothers and young children. Thanks to the wealth of information provided, we will be releasing a report on what we heard at these sessions and the promising practices that were identified.

Check back on August 9 to read the full report at

Carolyn Young, Communications Coordinator, Media Relations, Health Council of Canada

Key Words: Aboriginal Health, Health Promotion

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