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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Health care transformation: Hearing from Canadians – The Canadian Medical Association summarizes findings from cross-country town hall meetings

The Canadian Medical Association launched a discussion on health care in August 2010. They held town hall meetings across the country and collected feedback from thousands of citizens online. The result is a report released last week called Voices Into Action. In reading the report, it is clear Canadians are passionate about their health care system, and have some interesting insights into possibilities for the future. The report echoed many things discussed in our Progress Report 2011, including the importance of access to timely care, and the need for Federal leadership on issues like pharmacare. 

Read the full report and watch CMA President Jeff Turnbull’s Youtube video, or check out the public feedback online at  

Carolyn Young, Communications Coordinator, Health Council of Canada

Key Words: Patient Engagement, Health Care Transformation, Access and Wait Times

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