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Friday, August 10, 2012

Identifying and evaluating innovative practices

An article last week by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, CIHR/Health Canada Research Chair in Health Human Resource Policy at the University of Ottawa and the lead of the pan Canadian Health Human Resources Network, discussed the innovations and promising practices discussed in the recent report, From Innovation to Action.
Bourgeault questioned how these practices were chosen as those which should be scaled up to improve health care in Canada overall. Was an evidence-based approach taken in the choice of these innovations? Are these truly new and innovative?

We have developed a set of criteria and an evaluation framework to support the identification of innovative practices that have been demonstrated to strengthen the health care system.

Our framework outlines three levels of innovative practices:

Leading: Practices with widely accepted evidence of having a positive impact, wide recognition and/or breadth of implementation.

Promising: Practices that are at intermediate stages of implementation; have some outcomes data showing positive impact, may have some recognition outside of original setting and outreach for implementation elsewhere.

Emerging: Practices that are in preliminary stages of development; may have little to no outcomes data collected, may not be widely recognized.

The framework uses evaluation criteria of outcomes and impact, recognisability, and applicability / transferability.

Check out the full framework and criteria on our website, and stay tuned for the launch of an online hub / database of innovative practices in the fall.

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