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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sharing innovative practices across provincial borders

This week, P.E.I. Health Minister Doug Currie decided to look across provincial borders for ideas to solve emergency room closures on the island.

The Minister headed to Nova Scotia to seek out some innovative models of practice that might help improve their situation. Specifically, they will look at the way some hospitals have used paramedics and other health care workers in new and innovative ways to improve care. Collaborative emergency centres were a focus of their journey.

Looking across the country to share innovations is key to having a consistent, high-quality health system in Canada. Why reinvent the wheel when another province may have experienced similar issues and come up with an innovative solution?

Learning from one another is the focus of our Health Innovation Portal. The Portal aims to support the identification of innovative health care practices, programs, services and policies, and make them available to the public. We’ve collected hundreds of innovative practices from across the country, and they’re easily searchable by region, topic, date or source.

Continuing our focus on innovation, we asked Canadian college and university students to find practices they felt were leading positive change in the health system, and submit them in essay format as part of our 4th annual Health Innovation Challenge. The Challenge deadline was January 18, 2013, so we’re looking forward to sharing what they’ve come up with in the near future!

We hope that more jurisdictions, and health care decision influencers at every level, will look to their neighbours across Canada to help them improve their provincial health systems.

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