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Monday, October 25, 2010

Delegates from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Met with us Today

Carolyn Young, Communications Dept., Health Council of Canada

Delegates from the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan met with the Health Council of Canada today to discuss Canada’s health care system and examine challenges and successes in both countries.

This is the third consultation of a Kazakh delegation with the Health Council, and the discussion has always proven valuable and constructive.

The groups discussed Canada’s challenges with wait times and affordability of health care. Kathryn MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer, and Shirley Hawkins, Director, Stakeholder and Government Relations, spoke on health care financing and outlined Canada’s spending figures, breaking down what current public funding achieves. For the Kazakh delegates, a particular area of interest was maternal and child health data in Canada, and in attendance was the Kazakh chief expert of mother child care. Maternal and child health care are major priorities in Kazakhstan and the groups discussed some of the Canadian history in these areas, with further context provided on the Health Council’s upcoming work specifically in the area of Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health.

Other challenges facing the Kazakh health care system that were discussed include improving both education and healthcare by means of legislation, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through health promotion and disease prevention.

Since their arrival in Ontario on October 17, the delegates have met with numerous Canadian health organizations across the province, starting in Ottawa and making their way to Toronto to conclude their trip.

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