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Friday, October 1, 2010

Kazakh Delegation Visits, Speaks to CEO About Health Care Systems and On-going Reform

Yeena Peng and Terry Glecoff

Joined by the Deputy Minister of Health, a delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan met with the Health Council of Canada yesterday to discuss our country’s health care system.

The group shared information and ideas about the funding of Canada’s system, infrastructure planning, information technology in health care, Canada’s public health initiatives, and payment mechanisms. The visitors discussed some of the challenges facing their country that include better reimbursement methods to providers and developing multi-disciplinary teams of health care professionals. John G. Abbott, Health Council CEO, highlighted Canada’s critical need for the establishment of electronic medical and health information systems. 

The conversation saw the groups agree on the need to develop new standards focusing on prevention for both countries. Like Canada, Kazakhstan’s health care leaders need to continue to explore ways to effectively reform their existing system to ensure sustainability. The groups agree that governments and health authorities must support system change through better engagement of citizens, patients and health care providers.

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