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Monday, September 23, 2013

Healthcare - Reaching our Potential Demands Improvement

Hugh B. MacLeod is CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. His interests lie in the areas of system/integrative thinking, sustainability, and organizational cultures that create high performance.

Better health, better care, better value for all reminds me of the key messages in the book “From Good to Great” by Jim Collins. After researching Great Organizations he found the following characteristics/attributes:
  1. They have an obsession for quality. 
  2. They get the price point for services and products correct. 
  3. They are never satisfied with their decision processes.  
  4. They truly understand their customers. 

This recent report from the Health Council of Canada confirms that healthcare needs to improve on all these fronts. I hope this report helps shift mindsets, for example: stop advocating for and planning around a sickness model; create a space for new conversations that includes the patient voice;  ask new questions that will lead to a deep exploration of assumptions we hold and make.

Without exploring the facts contained in this report and our assumptions, healthcare will continue to be hostage to an indifference to failure and will be unable to reach its improvement potential.

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