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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's continue the conversation

Shilpi Majumder, PhD, Policy Lead, Health Council of Canada

Canadians are talking about our report, Better health, better care, better value for all: Refocusing health care in Canada, which we released on September 19, 2013. Our Chair, Dr. Jack Kitts, spoke to the Economic Club of Canada about the report, highlighting the need to align health system activities toward balanced goals supported by key enablers - leadership, policies and legislation, capacity building, innovation and spread, and measurement and reporting.  There was much interest and many questions about this report, which  was captured and aired in Ottawa by the Cable Public Affairs Channel.  In addition, the following media outlets have reported on the report, and various health care organizations have supported our work by releasing news releases of their own or posting commentary online:
     •    The Globe and Mail focussed on the disappointments of health reforms over the last decade in an article by David Andreatta on September 19, with an additional article by Jeffery Simpson on September 20.  Both articles prompted extensive online conversations.
     •    An article in iPOLITICS reiterated the findings of the report and NDP health critic, Libby Davies, supported the messages, saying that the federal government “need[s] to get back to the table.”
     •    An opinion editorial by Dr. Kitts appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on September 19, 2013.
     •    An essay by our CEO, John G. Abbott, discussing the implications of the report was published in Longwoods.
     •    Interviews with CBC Radio Canada International and regional broadcasters followed.
     •    CTV’s Power Play with Don Martin made note of the report findings.
     •     Also,  our guest blogs on the report have been extensively read
     •    This report has also received support from:
          o    Canadian Healthcare Association
          o    Canadian Nurses Association    
          o    Canadian Mental Health Association
          o    Canadian Home Care Association
          o    ehospice
One of the questions that we are continually being asked is – In the absence of the Health Council, who will pick up the call to action and implement the proposed approach forward?
We see our approach to transforming the system – balanced goals supported by sustained enablers – as being one that all health systems, whether provincial, regional, or organizational –can use as an overarching vision.  At the same time, guided by federal leadership and collaboration with the provinces and territories, our hope is that this report will provide the impetus for a national approach to health system transformation.
My colleagues and I have spent much effort developing this report, and we are pleased to see the broad uptake and the positive responses it has been receiving.  I would like to thank the contributors to this report for all their hard work and the external reviewers who provided us with valuable input.
We invite the Canadian public to tell us about your health care experiences over the last decade and how you would like to see your health and health care change.
We invite health system leaders to continue the conversation.  Please tell us how your organization’s work aligns with the approach we set out, and where important gaps may exist.  

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