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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Health Policy paper provides review of changes in pharmaceuticals policy

In 2009, the Health Council of Canada released a report on the National Pharmaceuticals Strategy, which commented on the patchwork of drug coverage policies across Canada.

A recent paper in Health Policy by Jamie Daw and Steve Morgan reviews the changes in pharmaceuticals policies over a decade (2000-2010).  The paper gives a good overview of the trends and changes in policy with regard to drug coverage in Canada, and presents a follow-up to our own findings in 2009. 

Although many provinces are moving toward income-based catastrophic[1] drug coverage, there continue to be differences in the types and amounts of drugs covered, depending on where in Canada you live.

Federal leadership is needed to protect all Canadians from the high costs of drugs. 

Shilpi Majumder, Policy Lead, Health Council of Canada

[1] Catastrophic refers to the impact of the cost of drugs on one’s finances.

Key Words: Catastrophic drug coverage, Health Policy, National Pharmaceuticals Strategy

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